[MO-270] Professional DTMB modulator for MFN

DTMB modulator for digital terrestrial television (DTT) with fouble DVb-ASI input and double output (FI and RF). It includes several test modes.


The MO-270 is a DTMB modulator (GB20600-2006) contained in a 1U 19” rack chassis. The unit has two MPEG-2 TS (ASI) inputs. The device can generate an additional TS signal to generate DTMB signals even in the absence of a real TS input signals.

The MO-270 can be used in multifrequency networks (MFN). Both the digital encoding and the modulation process have been implemented using PLDs (programmable logic devices) based in PROMAX proprietary technology. This conforms a very flexible design that can be adapted to any particular application and offer a wide range of functions at a lower cost.

Some of its main features are the single carrier or multicarrier operating modes, high frequency resolution and high MER.

The modulator output frequency is selectable between 45 and 875 MHz (with an IF signal of 31 to 36 MHz internally adjusted) and it is designed to operate in MFN networks, configurable from the front pannel using the cursor keys and the LCD screen.


  • MPEG-2 TS inputs: 2xDVB-ASI
  • TS paquets: 188 or 204 bytes (automatic detection), burst mode and continuous packets supperted.
  • Network type: MFN (Multi Frequency Network)
  • Bitrate adaptation: Packet stuffing and PCR restamping
  • IF output: Adjustable from 31 to 36 MHz, selectable polarity, MER > 43 dB.
  • RF output: Adjustable from 45 to 875 MHz, selectable polarity, average power 80 dBµV approx, MER > 38 dB.
  • Adjustable DTMB parameters: Carrier (single/multicarrier), Frame header length (420/595/945 symbols), Frame header phase (fixed/rotating), FEC rates (0.4/0.6/0.8), Constellations (4QAM-NR, 4QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM), Time Interleaving (240/720)
  • Noise generator and Channel simulator: Included. Fully digital complex baseband generation
  • Echoes generator: Included
  • Test modes: Single carrier, TS packet generation
  • Connnectivity: RS-232C interface
  • Power supply: From 90 to 250 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption: 20 W
  • Net weight: 6.3 Kg.


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