[EV-830D] VHS training system

Training system for the study of the operation and troubleshooting of the home VHS video players with fault simulator.

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The EV-830 video trainer allows for an easy and comfortable study of the operation and repair techniques of VHS video equipment. It includes an extensive documentation: User Manual, Theory Manual, Practice Manual, Teacher's Manual, Technical Documentation Manual and Diagrams.

The EV-830 has been designed on a multifunctional stand, which facilitates the analysis of the most important electrical signals, in the different modes of operation of the video, the inspection of all the movements of the mechanical elements, and the simulation of the most frequent breakdowns. Under the top cover of the equipment has a block diagram of the video with a large number of test points, which allows the visualization and monitoring of the different electrical signals in any mode of operation. The test points are protected against possible accidental short circuits.

The equipment is stackable with the others in the range and in a resting position can be used as desktop household appliances.


  • PAL system
  • Automatic tuning
  • Two heads
  • Automatic head cleaning
  • Digital auto tracking
  • Frame-by-frame playout and pause
  • Automatic faults detection system


Tha block diagram is composed of the following functional modules, each one wth the test points of the most improtant electrical signals involved in its operation:

  • Tuning
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Servos
  • Control system
  • Power supply


  • Theoretical manual (paper format)
  • Training system user manual
  • Video user manual (paper format)
  • Practices manual
  • Teacher's manual


  • Test videotape
  • Connection cables

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