[PROMAX-4] CATV analyzer

Level meter with Video/Audio and C/N ratio measurements, including AM/FM audio demodulation. Very compact and easy to use.

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The PROMAX-4 is an advanced model signal level meter designed for the installation and maintenance of television signal reception and distribution systems. The frequency range covered makes it an excellent instrument in FM radio, TV (MATV) and cable TV (CATV) applications. It is particularly suitable in the latter case, since it integrates all of the basic functions for the analysis of the signal in an easy-to-use, accurate, sturdy instrument at a low cost.

It enables the measurement of the signal level with a high degree of accuracy; it incorporates a series of functions for evaluating the picture quality; it includes the calculation of the video-to-audio (V/A) ratio and of the carrier-to-noise (C/N) ratio in the channel (patented method).

Its design, based on a control system with an intelligent microprocessor, provides the user with easy-to-use advanced features. The digital control system allows the user to make most of the necessary operations automatic in order to optimize the measurement process; for example, continuous frequency synthesis, correction of linearity and flatness errors, the proper selection of attenuators and automatic cut-off if the instrument remains inactive for a certain period of time. To enhance its features, it allows a plan of up to 239 channels and is equipped with up to 64 program memories.

Its accuracy and reliability satisfy the requirements of the most demanding users.


  • Measurement margin: From 45 to 862 MHz
  • Tuning modes: By channel, by frequency of by programs (64 max)
  • Channel plan: CCIR (configurable and on-demand)
  • Frequency: Resolution 62.5 kHz
  • Programs: Frequency and channel storing from the keyboard (configutable and on-demand)
  • Display: Backlighted graphical LCD screen
  • Level measurement: From 20 to 120 dBµV (from -40 dBmV to 60 dBmV)
  • Video/Audio measurement: From 0 to 40 dB, standard subcarrier audio frequency at 5.5 MHz or variable from 4 to 9 MHz
  • C/N measurement: Dynamic range 50 dB
  • AM/FM demodulation: Internal speaker or external headphones
  • Power supply: Internal battery, 105 minutes of operation
  • Dimensions: 90 (W.) x 219 (H.) x 50 (D.) mm
  • Weight: 580 gr including battery


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