[PD-184] TRMS AC/DC high precission multimeter (1000V, 20A) with Bluetooth (remote control + voice)

Digital multimeters featuring Dc precission of 0.05%, and including Bluetooth connection to Android devices, datalogger, voice and temperature measurement.


High precision TRMS multimeters model PD-184 allow transferring via Bluetooth the live measurements, or transferring the measurements stored in the digital multimeter itself. Bluetooth connectivity also enables the remote control of the digital multimeter, as well as using voice speech synthesis to read the measurements as they are taken thus using the multimeter leaving the screen unattended.

The high precision in DC (0.05%) of PD-184 multimeters ensures reliable measurements in any professional field.

PD-184 digital multimeter has the most common measurements for DC and AC (Voltage, Current), Resistance, Capacity, Frequency, Max/Min Hold, Diode test…

They include temperature measurement up to 400 ºC (752 ºF) and storage capacity for up to 10000 measurement points.

  • Voltage measurement: From 220 mV to 750 V (AC) TRMS, and from 220 mV to 1000 V (CC)
  • Current measurement: From 220 µA to 20 A (AC TRMS / CC)
  • Frequency measurement: From 22 Hz to >220 MHz
  • Impedance measurement: From 220 Ω to 220 MΩ
  • Capacitance measurement: From 22 nF to >22 mF
  • Temperature measurement: From -58 to 400 ºC
  • Duty Cycle: From 5 to 94.9 %
  • TRMS: Yes
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Android >7.0): Talkie measurements, Measurement display, Graphical analysis, Remote control
  • Other functions: Transistor measurements, Diode test, Continuity test
  • Measurement functions: HOLD, MAX/MIN HOLD, Relative value, Storing
  • Display: 69x52 mm LCD screen with bar graph
  • Power supply: 3x1.5 AA batteries, with auto power off
  • Dimensions: 185 (Width) x 85 (Height) x 30 (Depth) mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Included accessories: Multimeter lead, Temperature probe, Multifunction test bench, Alligator clip, Soft bag, Quick reference guide


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