[PD-350 range] TRMS AC/DC multimeter (1000V / 20A) with voice and datalogger

CATIII RMS digital multimeters with Bluetooth connection to mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets for remote control and datalogging. Voltage, current, resistance, capacity, frequency, diode, transistors, continuity and temperature measurements.

True RMS, Bluetooth... or both?
  • PD-350: True RMS measurements
  • PD-351: Voice + Datalogger (Bluetooth connectivity)
  • PD-352: True RMS and Voice + Datalogger (Bluetooth connectivity)

The PROMAX PD-350 digital multimeter range offers a new way to perform measures. The PD-35x are more comfortable, more accurate and with additional features (TRMS, Bluetooth connectivity) that turns them into very suitable instruments not only for daily work but also for training centres, universities and electronic enthusiasts.

The True RMS measurements ensures precise readings in alternating current. The Bluetooth connectivity allows to use the instruments from any compatible Android device and to use the voice synthesis to listen the measurements, to remotely control the instrument, to display a measurement graph and to store the measurements in CSV format to later process them in a datasheet.

PROMAX PD-352 is a TRMS (True RMS) multimeter that in addition to the classical Voltage, Current, Impedance, Frequency and Capacity included in most digital multimeters also included the Duty Cycle measurement, Temperature, Diode Test, Continuity test, Data hold, Max/Min hold, Relative measurement and a wide backlighted screen with a 61-segment bar graph together to the numerical measurements.


  • Voltage measurement: From 60 mV to 750 V (AC) TRMS, and from 60 mV to 1000 V (CC)
  • Current measurement: From 600 µA to 20 A (AC TRMS / CC)
  • Frequency measurement: From 9.999 Hz to 9.999 MHz
  • Impedance measurement: From 600 Ω to 60 MΩ
  • Capacitance measurement: From 40 nF to 4000 µF
  • Temperature measurement: From -50 to 400 ºC
  • Duty Cycle: From 0.1 to 99.9 %
  • TRMS: Yes
  • Other functions: hFE transistors measurement, Didoe test, Continuity test
  • Measurement functions: HOLD, MAX/MIN HOLD, Relative value
  • Display: 69x52 mm LCD screen with bar graph
  • Bar graph: 61 segments, 30 samples per second
  • Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries with auto power off
  • Dimensions: 185 (Width) x 85 (Height) x 30 (Depth) mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Included accessoriesAccesorios incluidos: Test leads, Alligator clips, K-type thermocouple, Multi-functional test socket, Soft bag, Quick reference guide


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