[MD-200C] Desktop digital multimeter (1000V / 20A)

It measures Impedance, Capacity, Frequency, Diodes, Continuity and Transistor hFE. It provides the basic featues of a professional instrument such as a high accuracy and reliability, as well as a wide range of measurements.


The PROMAX MD-200C digital desktop multimeter is a high performance multimeter of 4½ digits. It features a backlighted LCD screen with 23 milimeter digit display and HOLD function to ease the reading and provide a more comfortable use. The total height of the screen is 30 mm.

This instrument can measure continuous (DC) and alternatinc (AC) voltage, DC and AC current, impedance, capacitance, frequency, transistor current gain (hFE), diode test and continuity. When measuring in AC, high accuracy calculations are performed to get the True RMS value. It measures a great bandwidth in order to get a more accurate value in any AC waveform or in AC+DC.

The technology used in the DAC conversor allows for automatic zeroing, as well as polarity and out-of-range indication. It provides a 0.05% accuracy margin for DC voltage and AC/AC+DC rms reading. It can measure any AC and AC+Dc waveform. It is the perfect tool for laboratories, industry and radio-technology.

  • DC voltage measurement: From 20 mV to 1000 V
  • AC voltage measurement: From 20 mV to 750 V
  • DC current measurement: From 20 mA to 20 A
  • AC current measurement: From 200 mA to 20 A
  • Resistance measurement: From 200 Ω to 20 MΩ
  • Capacitance measurement: From 20 nF to 200 µF
  • Frequency measurement: From 20 kHz to 200 kHz
  • Diodes / Continuity test: 1 mA approx current, 3 V approx circuit voltage
  • Other functions: Transistor hFE, HOLD function
  • Power supply: 220 or 110 V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 260 (Width) × 220 (Depth) × 82 (Height)
  • Weight: 2 kg approx
  • Included accessories: User manual, Test leads, Mains cable


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