[FP-2] True RMS AC/DC multimeter (1000V / 20A)

Multimeter with voltage, current, frequency, temperature, impedance, duty cycle, diodes and continuity measurement. It includes a flashlight and non-contact voltage detector.


PROMAX FP-2 tester is a measuring instrument designed to go hand in hand with the vocational training students, both during their learning and their later everyday working life.

In the training centers it is a suitable instrument for measuring low-voltage installations and electronic components (diodes, resistors and capacitors) assisted by alligator clips. It also has a microprocessor-controlled autoranging function that avoids the typical faults that a student may cause by any mistake while manually selecting the proper measurement scale.

It is also perfect for field work because it integrates a rubber anti-shock protector, non-contact AC detector, true RMS measurement and a temperature probe to evaluate the possible overheating of the elements of an installation.

And for those professionals working in poorly lit environments the FP-2 digital multimeter includes a flashlight and an extra-large backlit LCD display.

  • Voltage measurement: From 600 mV to 750 V (AC) TRMS, and from 60 mV to 1000 V (CC)
  • Current measurement: From 600 µA to 20 A (AC / CC)
  • Frequency measurement: From 10 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Temperature measurement: From -50 ºC to 400 ºC (-58 ºF to 752 ºF)
  • Impedance measurement: From 600 Ω to 600 MΩ
  • Capacitance measureent: From 60 nF to 60 mF
  • Duty Cycle: From 0.1 to 99,9 %
  • Other functions: Diode test, Continuity test, Non-concact voltage detection, DATA HOLD
  • Features: LED flashlight, Foldable holder, Anti-shock protector
  • Display: Grpahic 4-digit LCD backlighted screen with LED bargraph
  • Optional: DC-231 transport case


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