[GF-232B] 3 MHz function generator, with triple waveform and TTL output

Function generator including output in sine, square and triangular waveforms with independent TTL output.


The high resolution (100 MHz) PROMAX GF-232B function generator with high frequency accuracy (±20 ppm) and low distortion uses the last generation DDS (Digital Direct Synthesis) technology. The DDS technology solves the common problems in tradicional function generaors, such as the frequency variation depending on temperature.

In DDS, the waveform data is contained in and generated from a memory. A clock controls the counter which points to the data address. The memory output is converted into analog signal by a digital to analog converter (DAC) followed by a low pass filter. The resolution is expressed as fs/2k where fs is the frequency and k is the control word, which contains more than 28 bits. Because the frequency generation is referred to clock signal, this achieves much higher frequency stability and resolution than the traditional function generators.

It features theee output waveforms (sine, square and triangle) and TTL output. It has amplitude control, DC offset control and output overload protection.

  • Output waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle
  • Output margin (Sine/Square waveforms): From 0.1 Hz a 3 MHz
  • Output margin (Triangle waveform): From 0.1 Hz a 1 MHz
  • Resolution: 0.1 Hz max
  • Amplitude margin: 10 Vpp (50 Ω load)
  • Amplitude accuracy: ±20 %
  • Stability: ±20 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±20 ppm
  • TTL output: ≥ 3 Vpp, rise/fall time ≤ 25ns
  • Attenuator: −40 dB (±1 dB)
  • Offset DC: <−5 V to >+5 V (50 Ω load)
  • Duty Range: From 25 to 75%, ≤1 MHz (square wave)
  • Screen: 6-digit LED display
  • Included accessories: User manial, test cable
  • Dimensions: 251 (Width) x 91 (Height) x 291 (Depth)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg approx


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