[IL-185] Compact 200.000 lux meter

Lux meter for cinema, television and photo sets and also for field use (roads, light pollution, safety evaluations, etc).


The IL-185 lux meter brings DATA HOLD and MAX HOLD functions. The device includes an auxiliary analog output, and its design features a head sensor that can be used coupled to the lux meter or at a certain distance thanks the spring cable.

It is perfect to be used in photography studies, cinema sets and also to be used in field (streets, light pollution, safety evaluations in factories and work environments, etc).

  • Scales: 20 lux, 200 lux, 2000 lux, 20000 lux, 200000 lux
  • Resolution: 0.01 lux
  • Spectral response: CIE photopic (international standard for the average human eye response for the red color)
  • Acceptance angle: f'2 < 2 % cosine correction (150 º)
  • Total accuracy: ± (3 % reading + 10 digits) for the standard CIE A (at 2856 K)
  • Functions: DATA HOLD, MAX HOLD
  • LCD display: 3 ½ digits, backlighted, max reading of 1999 with overrange and low battery indications
  • Measurement rate: 2.5 measurements per second, nominal
  • analogue output: 0,1 mV/reading
  • Power supply: 4 1.5 V batteries (AAA size)
  • Battery operation time: 200 h
  • Dimensions: 170 (Width) x 44 (Height) x 40 (Depth) mm
  • Weight: 220 g, including batteries


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