100 MHz attenuator probe for oscilloscope

100 MHz attenuator probe certified for PROMAX oscilloscopes with 1x and 10x attenuation factors.


The modular attenuation probes for oscilloscopes are included as standard in PROMAX oscilloscopes and they are also available as opcional accessories. The attenuator (x1 or x10) is activated by means of an easily accessible switch in the body of the probe.

They are connected to the oscilloscope using a BNC terminal and to the circuit under test with a shrink hook. They allow to adjust the low frequency compensation thanks to a reference signal in the oscilloscope.

The attenuator probes include spare springs and interchangeable color rings for an easy identification.

  • Attenuation: x1, x10
  • Max bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ ±2% (x1), 10 MΩ ±2% (x10)
  • Max voltage input: 600 V
  • Weight: 55 g approx
  • Cable length: 120 cm approx


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