[Fa-853] Dual programmable variable DC power supply 2x30V/5A (aux 5V,3A)

Programmable double DC power supply with configurable timer, extremely clean ripple and noise as well as over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.


The PROMAX FA-853 is a high-performance linear programmable regulable DC power supply with up to 60 V / 6 A output depending on the operation mode. Its two regulable outputs can be set in independent, parallel, symmetric or serial mode. The aux fixed output provides 5 V and 3 A.

The excellent features of this Dc regulable power supply include up to 100 output groups with configurable timer, high-resolution LCD display, extremely clean ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage over-current over-temperature protection, user friendly interface and panel layout, and variety standard interfaces to meet diverse test requirements.

USB storage devices can be connected to backup, retrieve and share the configurations of the power supply. They can also be connected to a computer to remotely control the system

  • Variable outputs: Two ouputs, from 0 to 60B and from 0 to 6 A (depending on operating mode)
  • Fixed output: 5 V / 3 A
  • Operation modes: Independent, Parallel, Serial or Symmetric
  • INDEPENDENT variable output: 0 to 30 V / 0 to 3 A. Each output is adjusted separately
  • PARALLEL variable outputs: 0 to 30 V / 0 to 6 A. The voltage of one variable output matches the other's
  • SYMMETRIC variable outputs: 0 to ±30 V / 0 to 3 A. Same as the parallel mode, but one output's polarity is inverted.
  • SERIAL variable outputs: 0 to 60 V / 0 to 3 A. The voltage output can reach the double of the nominal value (up to 60 V)
  • Reading instruments: Digital
  • USB connectivity: USB storage devices and PC remote control.
  • RS-232 connectivity: PC remote control.
  • Supply: 110/220 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 298 (Width) x 202 (Height) x 450 (Depth) mm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg. approx.


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