[FA-405] Fuente de alimentación programable 40V,5A + control remoto

Regulable DC power supply with totally digital control featuring a wide LCD screen and RS-232C interface for remote programming via PC.


PROMAX FA-405 is a programmable regulable DC power supply providing up to 40 V and 5 A that is in accordance with the VDE 0411 (EN 61010) directives, is EMI tested and fulfills the applicable European and national directives.

With its continuously adjustable voltage and current settings, this power supply can be used universally in school, work, hobby, and other applications. An electronic current limiter protects the power supply from overload and short-circuits at its output; a fan controlled by a temperature circuit protects the power supply (its electronics) from thermal overload.

During such an overload (short circuit or overload) the output is regulated down, i.e. the voltage is reduced.  Only when the short-circuit has been remedied is the output released.

The set values can be read via the illuminated multiple-line LCD display. The voltage, current or power setting is adjusted by means of an encoder wheel in 10mV, 1V, 10mA, 0.1A and 1 W steps respectively. Therefore the exact adjustment of the output voltage and the current limit and maximum output power is possible.

  • Variable output: From 0 to 40 V (0 to 5 A)
  • Measuring intruments: Digital
  • Programming: Via the front pannel of from a PC computer
  • Supply: 115 / 230 V ±15%, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 225 (Width) x 100 (Height) x 305 (Depth) mm
  • Weight: 4 kg.


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