[EC-800] Basic trainer for communications and radio frequency (RF)

It includes a set of practices for AM and FM modulations up to 920 MHz. Together with the 3 GHz spectrum analyzer AE-366B it forms a very suitable educational environment for schools.


The PROMAX EC-800 basic radio frequency trainer complements the range of didactic equipment for telecommunications.

Together with the spectrum analyzer AE-366 B they make up an educational environment of RF very suitable for the vocational courses that require minimum notions of very diverse disciplines, among which is the RF.

As other trainers, it is designed in a small desk, in which it includes all the necessary practices to recognize the most important parameters that must be taken into account in the basic modulations of AM and FM. Carrier working frequencies reach up to 920 MHz and can be modulated by sine, square, or triangular signals up to 3 MHz.

The different practical applications carried out by the trainer give the student a very complete range of possibilities oriented to the manipulation and measurement of the elementary modulation circuits.


  1. Basic operation of a Spectrum Analyzer
  2. Measuring a baseband waveform
  3. Different waveform base bands and the measurement of their harmonics
  4. RF Carrier Measurement
  5. AM signal measurement
  6. FM signal measurement
  7. Using the Spectrum Analyzer in Communication Systems
  8. Measurement of communication products
  9. Applications in Production Lines


  • Baseband waveforms: Sine, Square and Triangular (from 0.1 to 3 MHz)
  • FM/RF analysis: Adjustable margin ajustable ≥ 45 MHz (870 to 920 MHz)
  • FC max deviation: > 3 MHz
  • AM peak difference: ≥ -18 dBm
  • Qty. of included practices: 9
  • Included accessories: RF cables (2x100 mm, 1x800 mm), Antenna, Mains cord, N-SMA adapter, CD-ROM with Practices manual and Teacher manual

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