EF-970: Fibre Optics communications training system

EF-970: Fibre Optics communications training system

It makes easy training, demonstrating and experimenting the Fibre Optics communication system, as well as the actual latest tendences.

The EF-970 professional trainer is an innovative training system, designed for the learning, demonstration and experimentation with the Fibre Optics communication systems, the phenomenon related to light and the principles of transmission through Fibre Optics; as well as the latest tendencies like LASER and WDM systems.

EMITTER KIT Two independent channels, with LED and laser-photoemitters. 8 inputs, BF generator, miliammeter
RECEIVER KIT With calibrated optic power meter.
  • User manual
  • Teacher manual
  • Training manual
  • 4 optic inputs, the analogue channel has to gain of 40 dB
  • Set of accessories for practices, including one optic positioner, one attenuator and one variable fibre coupler
OP-970-2 Set of accessories for practices of connection

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