DT-421D: ASI zu IP Konverter

DT-421D: ASI zu IP Konverter

Konvertiert den Transportstrom zu IP.

The DT-421D module is a converter from ASI to IP that allows linking an IP network to a MPEG-2 ASI network. Each one of the services or even the input TS is packaged in an IP / UDP or IP / RTP / UDP stream, with an IP address (Multicast) and an UDP port specified by the user.

SPTS outputs operating mode.
It is a converter from ASI to IP multicast SPTS streams. The module assigns a multicast IP to each one of the selected services. The result is delivered at the Ethernet output so each service is a multicast SPTS TS-IP, up to 40 (10 per ASI).

MPTS outputs operating mode.
Four streams multicast MPTS TS-IP come out from the Ethernet output, containing the same services and DVB-SI tables as the TS-ASI input.

TS EINGANG 4 x DVB-ASI. BNC-Buchse, 75 Ω (max. 108 Mbps pro Eingang)
IP AUSGANG 1 Ethernet-Ausgang 100/1000 Mbps. RJ45 Anschluss.
Kommunikationsprotokoll UDP oder RTP/UDP.
Übertragungsmethode MULTICAST.
Payload 7 MPEG-2 Pakete.
  • Über DT-800 Steuermodul und Stromversorgung.
  • Das Modul kann von einem PC entfernt gesteuert werden.

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