CT-237: Leakage current clamp

CT-237: Leakage current clamp

Precision measurement instrument to measure leakage currents with double operation mode: Low frequency (50/60 Hz) or wide frequency (up to 1 kHz).

The CT-237 is a precision AC clamp digital measurement instrument to measure leakage currents, including operating mode selection for low frequency (50/60 Hz) or high frequency (up to 1 kHz). Both under numerical mode and 20 samples per second bar graph. Includes a filtering circuit designed to get rid of the high frequency parasitic noise and the harmonics for AC currents measurement.

The clamp is shielded in order to minimize the effect of external magnetic fields scattering.

The CT-237 clamp can be operated with one hand and it is fitted with a single rotary selector for functions and scales: Current, Voltage, Frequency, Continuity and Impedance. Includes HOLD and MAX/MIN hold measurement functions and also relative measurement operation.

FREQUENCY SELECTION Low frequency (50/60 Hz) or Wide mode (40 Hz to 1 kHz) selection switch
AC CURRENT 40 mA, 400 mA, 4 A, 40 A, 60 A
  • Scales of 40 Ω and 400 Ω
  • Acoustic indication lower than 38 Ω (for continuity test)
Numeric display 2 measurements per second
Bar graph 20 measurements per second

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