PROMAX signs a contract with the Ministry

2 Сентябрь, 2002.

Ministry of Science and TechnologyThe MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY has the competence in issues such as the normative proposals, the promotion and development of infrastructures and advanced services, the control of the fulfilment of the obligations by the service provider towards the general public, the control, inspection and sanction in the field of telecommunications, audio-visual and information society, etc.

It is in the inspection field where the contract with the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY has been signed with PROMAX. The General bureau of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY has equipped its different local telecommunications sites in Spain with PROLINK-4C instruments.

The PROLINK-4C has gone through all the quality controls which guarantee the measurement of all the parameters necessary in an Analogue and Digital transmission/reception system. MPEG-2 decoder to view free to air channels, conditional card reader to decode encrypted channels, indication of channels and services available in the digital transmission, measurement of various parameters in analogue and digital signals; were some of the mandatory requirements.

The PROLINK-4C will be used by the inspection teams so that they can certify the quality of the analogue and digital TV transmission, specially in everything related to the transmission of new Digital Terrestrial Television (COFDM) signals. Great importance has been given to the CSI parameter (Channel Status Information). This parameter provides an overall view of the quality of the system; it is, in other words an indication of the noise in a DTT installation. More detailed information can be found on an article presented by Mr. José Lago Fernández, R&D engineer of the BBC, during the IBC conference on the 14th of September of 2002.

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