Spectrum Analyser

1 Marzo 2006.

TV Explorer - SPECTRUM ANALYSER keyOne of the features that has been most carefully studied in the instrument design has been the spectrum analyser.

The spectrum function is been designed keeping on target the simplicity but, noting that specifications like accuracy, resolution, sensitivity and sweep time can make of the a spectrum analyser a very useful tool or a completely useless instrument. The EXPLORER is well designed to meet the diverse needs and applications a telecommunications installer has to undertake.

TV Explorer - SkinsThe TV EXPLORER comes with several user-selectable color models or “skins”, so it becomes a customizable interface. There are a number of combinations or colors and lines. Skins can help to improve the LCD viewing experience in certain light conditions, specially when working with spectrum graph.

Back to the spectrum analyser function, the TV EXPLORER presents an innovative control system, based on four arrows, that makes the use of the spectrum analyser very intuitive.

The “UP-DOWN” arrows set the reference level, so that when pressing the “UP” arrow reference level is increased by 10 dB. When pressing the “DOWN” arrow, the reference level is reduced by 10 dB allowing to check signals of lower level.

UP-DOWN keys set the reference level
By pressing UP key twice the instrument sets the reference level from 70 to 90 dBµV.

The “LEFT-RIGHT” arrows allow to select the span or expansion, so that when “right” is pressed the margin of frequencies in display can be increased up to full span and when “left” is pressed the zone around the cursor can be analysed with more detail.

By pressing LEFT-RIGHT keys the SPAN is set
Starting from a SPAN of 32 MHz, we press LEFT key and we reduce view to 16 MHz.
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