PROLINK-4 TV & Satellite level meter

2 Maggio 2002.

PROLINK-4, Medidor de campo TV y SateliteAs a response of today’s market needs, PROMAX has developed a compact, high performance, precise and easy to use instrument, the PROLINK-4, designed for analogue and digital measurements in Terrestrial, Satellite and Cable Television.

The new PROLINK-4 is the most advanced, versatile and precise instrument of its range. For analogue signals; Level, Video/Audio and Carrier/Noise measurements are available. In the case of digital signals the instrument measures Channel Power, Carrier/Noise and Bit Error Rate (with DVB Channel Identification as well as MPEG-2 decoding and wrong packet detection).

For BER measurements on QPSK (Satellite) signals, the measurements is taken before and after the first correction algorithm (Viterbi), thus obtaining the necessary information to verify it complies with all DVB recommended quality parameters. To ensure quality reception on CATV networks, BER and MER is measured as well as an analysis of the return path. For Digital Terrestrial Television (COFDM), measurements of BER and CSI (Channel Status Information) are taken, necessary parameters to quantify the quality of such a transmission system.

Apart from the already mentioned measurements, the PROLINK-4 monitors the number of wrong packets received over a certain period of time, with the objective of finding out what causes the interruptions. Another interesting function is the automatic identification of the services provided by the operator (PROMAX patent), as well as the ability to decode MPEG-2 signals and visualize them on the monitor as you would with an analogue signal.

It is hard to describe all the options available on the PROLINK-4, but we can highlight that those have been implemented based on the ease of use. Like the rest of the PROLINK family, the keyboard has been designed with icons and all the instrument is protected versus hits, humidity and dust. It includes menus in five different languages and an specific bag which protects and facilitates the visualisation of the screen. The bag can also be used to transport all kinds of accessories.

Quota :

PROMAX è un produttore leader di sistemi di test e misura, impianti di distribuzione di segnale broadcast e TV. Le nostre linee di prodotto includono strumenti di misura per TV via cavo, TV satellitare, reti ottiche broadcast, wireless e fibra, gli analizzatori di FTTH e GPON. Modulatori DVB-T, stelle filanti IP o IP convertitori (ASI, DVB-T) sono tra i più recenti sviluppi della società.