2.4 GHz WiFi analyzer

5 Dicembre 2017.

WiFi allows connectivity and communication among devices in a wireless fashion. RANGER Neo field strength meter allows analysing WiFi signals in the 2.4 GHz band. It is used in several technologies simultaneously: Bluetooth, wireless USB, Zigbee (used in domotics), cordless phones, secority cameras, microwaves, etc. Therefore it is necessary to have a tool that can analyse how busy the spectrum is with all these signals.

WiFi spectrum analyser
Simultaneous real spectrum analyser information plus WiFi access point data.

WiFi signals can be disturbed by interference from other WiFi stations, for example other access points, but also from non-WiFi signals such as wireless CCTV cameras or, like in the picture, a microwave oven! RANGER Neo can display both simultaneously.

RANGER Neo shows convenient information from the access points such as SSID, RSSI, SNR, security information, etc. It also indicates the number of access points per channel.

WiFi network information in the analyser
WiFi network information in the analyser.
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