RP-100 / RP-100Q: Return Path Generator

2 Gennaio 2002.

RP-100 / RP-100Q: Return Path GeneratorThe use of the return path in cable networks is in expansion. Internet services, Pay Per View and video On Demand are increasing the need for interactivity. The systems have to adapt to the new requirements and test instruments for installation, adjustment and maintenance with features covering these applications are becoming a must.

To cover the needs of testing the return path we present the RP-100 and RP-100Q, signal generators designed for the activation and later verification of the return path in CATV networks. These instruments are capable of generating 2 (RP-100) or 4 (RP-100Q) carriers that, inserted in a remote outlet, allow to observe the correct functioning in the head-end or any other point down in the line.

The instrument allows to independently program 2 or 4 pilots between 5 and 100 MHz with an output level in the range of 90 to 110 dBµV (30-50 dBmV) adjustable in steps of 1 dB. It can be used in conjunction with a CATV analyzer like the PROMAX-8+ so to adjust the slope in the return path. For that purpose we have programmed the PROMAX-8+ with a TILT option for 4 programmable pilots.

One of the advantages of having the possibility to select a different frequency for each pilot is that it permits to perform multiple and simultaneous tests from different places or by different operators.

The RP-100 is, in addition than a robust and portable instrument, an easy to use tool. All the operations on the injected pilots, configuration of frequency and level, are executed via a rotary selector located on the front panel. The instrument comes with an internal rechargeable battery and its charger.

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