DAB measurements

1 Novembre 2004.

PROMAX has developed a specific module for the PROLINK-4 Premium and PROLINK-4C Premium meters intended to measure the quality of the DAB Digital Radio signal reception.

If you wish to know more details about DAB technology and its use in the PROLINK-4/4C Premium you can download this PDF document

Introduction to DAB technology

DAB not only provides audio coverage, but also opens the doors to multimedia broadcasting with the possibility of including graphic files, highway maps, etc, that can be of great aid en-route. We can foretell a great future for DAB digital radio.

DAB measurements and DAB receptor included on PROLINK Premium

As has already occurred previously with DTT, PROMAX is ahead of the needs of the market and includes specific measurement functions for the new technology. The DAB functions are perfectly integrated to the equipment interface and they can be controlled either by using the keyboard or remotely for the development of automated control and surveillance systems.

PROLINK Premium: Specific Functions for DAB

DAB digital radio measurementBy selecting the DAB function the measurement screen is accessed, where it is possible to see the reception quality information at a glance. Two graphic bars show the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and the erroneous bits rate (CODED BER). Also, the number of times that the signal may have been lost, the present frequency (or channel) and information relating to the radio station and multiplex, is shown.

DAB signal informationPROLINK Premium allows specific active audio information to be selected for viewing; the complete data is shown on the screen for identification, as well as the signal codification format.

PROLINK Premium as a DAB receiver

Convierta el PROLINK Premium en un receptor DAB: Lista de emisiones en el multiplexDuring the entire time that the DAB measurement is active it is possible to listen to the tuned-in station emission through the apparatus internal loudspeaker. You only need to choose the digital multiplex, the type of service and the channel that you wish to listen to, in order to convert the PROLINK Premium into a digital radio DAB receiver.

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