Wi-Fi Application for the PROLINK-4C Premium equipment

1 Novembre 2004.

WiFi logoThe PROLINK-4/4C Premium equipment includes a specially designed function for Wi-Fi wireless communication network analysis (Wireless Fidelity) in the ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) free band.

This application allows the response of the Wi-Fi broadcast network, the wireless connectivity communication standard based on the IEEE 802.11b/g protocol, to be verified as well as the frequency spectrum band pertaining to 14 channels (2412 to 2484 MHz) of the ISM band (2400 to 2483,5 MHz) with CSMA/CA access (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance) to be visualized.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is the new and efficient solution to connect computers to data processing networks and especially to Internet from private residences, public areas or any location using a cable-less connection.

A computer connected to a network by means of a network card or Wi-Fi USB device can be in constant motion while at the same time sending and receiving data from a network at a speed many times greater than that available by a cable modem connection. Thus, it is a solution that makes laptop computers become truly portable nowadays.

PROLINK Premium can be used for Wi-Fi applications

Thanks to the use of wireless technology, Wi-Fi networks eliminate the need of indoor wiring; because of this, they are also an excellent means for the connection of desktop computers, making the internal communication network installation cheaper and keeping walls free of drilling, raceways and connection boxes.

What problems may arise?

The extensive diffusion of Wi-Fi technology, and especially its use in private residences can give rise to short-term security problems and interference among the 14 channels in use, either by other emissions, signal attenuation or by the use of devices in the proximity of a Wi-Fi network that emit at high frequencies (such as microwave ovens).

How can PROLINK Premium help?

The new equipment developed by PROMAX allows Wi-Fi technology-based broadcast verification by including specific functions for field analysis.

Wi-Fi spectrum monitoringThe spectrum monitoring of the 14 channels allows the channels that offer a greater potential quality to be determined. By turning the equipment Rotary Selector, the intensity measurement for each channel will be shown on the lower part of the screen.

Wi-Fi channel intensity and the last peak detected are shown at all timesBy pressing the OSD key OSD, the information related to the channel on which the cursor is placed can be accessed. The Intensity and the last peak detected are shown at all times. Also, it refers to the maximum peak detected during the measurement period.

Wi-Fi Applications

The interconnection of internal networks at great speeds is another of the applications that Wi-Fi technology offers. Thus, various buildings can be connected point to point by linking antenna.

In these cases it is necessary to point antenna correctly and make a subsequent appraisal of channel saturation conditions in order to select the channel with the least broadcasting overload.

The use of PROLINK-4/4C Premium in combination with the CV-245 frequency converter will allow the technician to carry out these operations easily:

Wi-Fi link Antenna

Wi-Fi antenna
  • Tune in the channel in use.
  • The power measurement screen will appear. Given the emission characteristics of these signals the signal intensity measurement value is very dynamic, so that the signal Intensity value will show large variations at the least movement of the receptor antenna.
  • A graph bar indicates the value of the last peak acquired (Peak) and the memory of the maximum peak registered up to now (Maximum Peak). The optimum Peak value should be as similar as possible to the radiated signal Intensity value.


Coverage monitoring in the wireless LAN network (WLAN)

Surfing the Internet through Wi-Fi
  • Connect the PROLINK-4/4C Premium to the receptor antenna using the CV-245 converter and select the Wi-Fi measurement function. A converter such as the PROMAX CV-245 will be necessary to adapt the 2.4 GHz signal to the satellite band.
  • Access the Wi-Fi function. This way, the complete spectrum of the frequency band used by the Wi-Fi networks is obtained.
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