PROLINK-4C Premium: Passion to offer more

1 Settembre 2004.

PROLINK-4C Premium has been the most complete and versatile instrument of its kind available in the market since it was introduced at the beginning of the 2004. This hasn't change so far but this fantastic instrument will be harder to overtake from now on.

We are now offering two additional functions no other brand can offer. These new functions allow PROLINK-4C Premium users to make measurements on two new technologies, DAB and Wi-Fi.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is available from many transmitting towers through out Europe and is intended to replace analogue FM radio in the future. It is based on digital technology and is so different to analogue FM as analogue TV to COFDM. There are a lot of things PROLINK-4C Premium can do with DAB signals as described in this enclosed document.

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz technology is now commonly used to support computer wireless access points and short distance computer network connections also called Wireless LAN. Using an accessory, CV-245, PROLINK-4C Premium can perform various useful measurements on Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz systems.

PROLINK-4 Premium: Wi-FiThe 2.4 GHz band is divided in 14 channels named CH1 to CH12. Wi-Fi Transmitters operate randomly depending on the information traffic. The screen of the instrument will show the transmission activity and also the received signal level for each of the channels.

PROLINK-4 Premium: Wi-FiIt is also possible to monitor the activity of one single channel. This is specially interesting to evaluate Wi-Fi coverage or to align the transmitter/receiver antennas in the case of point to point communication systems.

Quota :

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