LTE interference on SMATV systems and CATV networks

21 Gennaio 2014.

When a TV distribution system is interfered by a mobile phone cell the use of an LTE filter is recommended. The field strength meter RANGERNeo 2 has a variety of tools that allow you to compare the signal reception quality measurements on digital TV channels with and without the LTE filter. This is very helpful to anticipate the performance improvement you should expect on your TV distribution system well before you physically make changes to the cabling to insert the LTE filter.

There are a large number of frequency bands allocated to LTE some of which are near or inside television bands. For example band 5 (uplink from 824 to 849 MHz; downlink from 869 to 894 MHz) or band 3 (uplink from 1710 to 1785 MHz; downlink from 1805 to 1880 MHz). The field strength meter RANGERNeo 2 has special functions to help installers determine the level of activity in those bands and therefore anticipate potential interference problems.

Downlink and Uplink interference

Downlink interference comes from the mobile phone base stations which are placed at fixed locations and are always on. This is not the case of Uplink interference which comes from the handheld devices and therefore it can be a lot more difficult to locate and mitigate.

LTE interference in RANGER Neo 2 field strength meter

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