EF-970: Fibre Optics training system

2 Gennaio 2002.

EF-970: Fibre Optics training systemThe EF-970 is an innovative system designed for the learning, demonstration and experimentation of Fibre Optics Communication systems, the phenomena’s related to light in fibres and the principles of Fibre Optics transmissions.

It is a set composed of emitter and receiver, specially recommended for technical schools, universities, learning centres and telecommunications companies. The trainer has been designed to facilitate the apprenticeship via the practical experiments of the light and fibre phenomena’s, for that it incorporates a great number of practices.

The emitter module disposes of eight different and selectable inputs, one LF generator, one miliamperimeter and two emission channels. The LASER power is kept constant because of a feedback circuit control included on the emitter, there are also six optical outputs with the possibility to connect two photo-emitters simultaneously.

The receiver module is composed of two blocks, one devoted to the signal and the other to the measurement of the optical power. It disposes of four photo-detectors, AC/DC coupling selector and a calibrated optical power meter.

Included with the EF-970 there are numerous manuals with various practical exercises. The practical kit EF-970-01 has a series of accessories designed to perform those exercises related to the behaviour of the fibre: fibre optics positioning devise, variable optical attenuator, fibre optics coupler, etc. are included in this set. The practical kit EF-970-02 pretends to familiarise the pupil with the various components of the fibres, such as connectors, different fibres, cleaning accessories etc.

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