Fibre optics option

1 Giugno 2012.

The RANGERNeo + optical option is a versatile "2-in-1" tool: a selective Optical Power Meter and a selective Optical-to-RF converter. It is worth mentioning the triple optical filter (1310 nm,  1490 nm, 1550 nm) integrated in the optical module, which allows you to work simultaneously with several wavelengths, thus covering many more applications than with other meters.

Selective Optical-To-RF converter

RFoG (Radiofrequency-over-Glass) is used more and more by CATV operators because it allows them to benefit from the advantages of fibre optics to compete with FTTH service providers. It is common to combine two downstream wavelengths:1550 nm for Digital TV and 1490 nm for Data services.

TV & Satellite distribution in buildings is also taking advantage of the benefits of fibre optics, thanks to the use of Optical LNBs and RF/FO converters which will presumably be extended over the next years.

Having integrated optical filters, the RANGERNeo + is compatible with the latest technologies using two wavelengths simultaneously to  distribute up to 2 satellites (including all 4 polarities each), in addition to the terrestrial channels.

The RF signal at the converter output can be analysed, measured and decoded by the meter as one would usually do with any DVB or Analog TV&Satellite signal over copper wires.

Field strength meter with optical input

Selective optical power meter

The selective RANGERNeo + OPM combined with a portable triple laser source such as PROLITE-105 (sold separetely) forms a complete Optical Loss Test Set that allows you to measure fibre attenuation.

This is of great interest in live FTTH/GPON installations certification or even before they are in service.

Test and certify optical networks!

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