2003 IFA Show

1 Settembre 2003.

The organisers are acclaiming to the 2003 as the flat screen TV year and the manufacturers expose their last models of LCD and plasma. In addition, numerous new features in miniaturised video equipment appear as well as Home Cinema projectors.


PROMAX is a world-wide leader in design and manufacture of test and measuring instruments for television signals and has presented in this show their last new products. PROMAX has exposed the new line of TV generators: GV-798+ and GV-898+ that in addition to the classic RGB output, also offers YPbPr outputs. Also, has been presented the MPEG generator GV-998 that allows the digitalisation of analogue signals for its later modulation.

Another one of the Show events has been the disconnection of the television analogue transmissions in Berlin agreeing with the Show dates. Actually, Germany has happened to be the first country carrying out this transition. PROMAX exposed their first equipment for measurement of DS COFDM in 1998. In the show, PROMAX has presented a new instrument line, to analyse the quality of the digital transmission that in addition to the analysis of the digital signal Transport Stream, allows the measurement and the constellation analysis for each one of the carriers in a digital channel.

PROMAX Deutschland GmbH is a branch of PROMAX founded on 1997 and that is responsible of the commercialisation and service of the equipment in Germany.

Quota :

PROMAX è un produttore leader di sistemi di test e misura, impianti di distribuzione di segnale broadcast e TV. Le nostre linee di prodotto includono strumenti di misura per TV via cavo, TV satellitare, reti ottiche broadcast, wireless e fibra, gli analizzatori di FTTH e GPON. Modulatori DVB-T, stelle filanti IP o IP convertitori (ASI, DVB-T) sono tra i più recenti sviluppi della società.