Cable test

1 Aprile 2011.

Cable test: Certify the installation

IF test function using RP-050
IF test using RP-050

The IF TEST function allows to check buildings cabling system before the antennas and head-end systems are operative. For this application PROMAX has specially designed RP-050, RP-080 and also RP-250 signal generators.

The main difference is the RP-050 covers satellite IF while the RP-080 covers also the terrestrial band. The RP-250 is an agile signal generator with selectable frequency and level across the 5-2500 MHz band.

The procedure allows to evaluate the frequency response across the whole TV signals distribution network by means of two steps.

Step 1: Calibrating with TV EXPLORER HD+

Connect the generator directly to the TV EXPLORER HD+ and calibrate. The instrument compensates all the cable and connector drops and sets signals at the detected frequencies as the reference.

Step 2: Measure pilots throughout the network

Once calibrated, start to make level measurements in each outlet. On the screen will appear the attenuation values for the pilot frequencies measured in the different testing points.

Measure pilots throughout the network

Quota :

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