Explorer: One key and go!

1 Aprile 2011.

Explorer: One key and go!

Field strength meter with Explorer functionWhen the "explorer" key is pressed for a few seconds, a new spectrum exploration session begins. The TV EXPLORER HD+ make a dynamic exploration of the spectrum, detecting all the channels in the swept band and identifying all its parameters to lock the signal.

This new measurement concept sets a radical change in the way to understand and to use the meter. The field strength meter is no longer a passive unit, that only measures the channels. It is the field strength meter on its own that begins by locating all the channels available in the band.

The TV EXPLORER HD+ detect all the channels in the band with no need for any previous details such as, the number of channels available, the type of signals transmitted or their characteristics.

The TV EXPLORER HD+ is then able to determinate the nature of the signal (analog or digital) and the channel bandwidth. It can also automatically identify channel shifts that the instrument will automatically detect.

Channel tables

With the data collected after each exploration, they create a register that contains tables of channels that can be independent for each area or system. Each of these tables can be saved with a different name.

At any time, the stored sessions can be retrieved and the pattern used for a new sweep. This is specially useful in countries with MFN Digital Terrestrial Television networks where the design of channel plans can be complex.

This feature can help to reduce measuring times dramatically.

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