Transflective LCD

1 Aprile 2011.

Transflective LCD: From darkness to bright sunlight

Field strength meter transflective LCDThe TV EXPLORER HD+ incorporate a transflective 6.5“ colour LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The new transflective technology combines the advantages of the transmissive and reflective displays.

The transmissive ones are those illuminated from behind the screen, with good vision in the darkness. The reflective ones use the reflection of the external light in the back of the display.

The result is an stunning vision in darkness and by the direct sunlight.

The big 6.5“ panoramic colour screen allows to extend the area to display the measurements and make readings easier.

With the 16:9 aspect ratio the instrument can test any television signal independently of the receiver available. The temperature range for the LCD is extended from 80º C to -40ºC allowing its use in very extreme conditions away from the operating limits of other components.

HD RANGER+ field strength meter light sensor

The TV EXPLORER HD+ include a light sensor that selects the contrast and luminosity of the display according to the environmental conditions. This feature helps to save batteries.

The colours and skins are user-selectable and there are several combinations. This feature can help to improve the LCD viewing experience in certain light conditions specially when working with spectrum graph.

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