RP-300: Return path analyser

2 Gennaio 2002.

Once again, PROMAX incorporates the latest technology into the signal analysis, and presents a new and excellent product. This is the RP-300, apt for FM radio, terrestrial TV, cable TV, MMDS microwave links, digital TV and intermediate frequency analysis (38.9 MHz).

RP-300: Return path analyser

To assure the users will be able to use it on any type of installation, the RP-300 includes the main TV standards and systems (M, N, B, G, I, D, K and L; NTSC, PAL, SECAM systems), and a correcting automatic system to guarantee the precision of the measurement. It allows to work directly with digital TV signals to know the measurement of power and carrier-to-noise ratio.

Many features are included, like the Spectrum analyzer mode, storage for 9.801 measures (99 configurations x 99 points of measure), automatic selection of sound carrier, integrated NICAM decoder...

The RP-300 has been designed to be used on any country of the world, not only for its multistandard feature, but for the graphical keyboard whose functions are represented by a icon. We can assure the RP-300 will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users, like the needs of users who are searching a easy to use instrument.

We complement this tool with the RS-232C interface, whose allows the connection with a personal computer to connect the instrument to a PC for data recording, remote-control of the instrument and to a printer in order to print out the measurements.

Quota :

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