USB On-The-Go for the TV EXPLORER HD

1 Marzo 2010.

Field strength meter with direct connection to USB pendrive

The TV EXPLORER HD is equipped with a “USB On-The-Go” bus that allows a port to act as a server or as a device. This type of function is designed in order to the equipments that have it, can use the USB link to connect to a PC as a device or to connect to another element, like a memory stick, as a host.

Unprecedented connectivity
Manage your data without limitations

Connecting a PC to the TV EXPLORER HD

In this mode the TV EXPLORER HD connects to your PC via the USB port as a device. This connection lets you transfer the information stored on your equipment to the PC or vice versa, and to update the firmware of the field strength meter.

Connecting a computer to the field strength meter

Firmware Updating

Updating the field strength meter firmware

Connecting the TV EXPLORER HD to a USB storage device

This connection allows you to copy certain files from the TV EXPLORER HD to an external storage device like a USB storage device or vice versa.

This option is useful if you want to extract information stored on the TV EXPLORER HD without using a PC. For example, if at the last minute you want to take home some screenshots and dataloggers obtained during the day to finish a report, you can connect a USB memory stick to the equipment and transfer the files in just a moment.

Connecting a USB storage device to the field strength meter

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