Spectrogram: another PROMAX's first

2 Gennaio 2009.

Spectrogram is one of the many unique functions developed by PROMAX that help to identify difficult to find problems in TV distribution systems.

The Spectrogram is a graphic that shows frequency in the vertical axis and time in the horizontal axis. Signal levels are then displayed using different colours according to a given colour scale. Warm colours like red or orange are used to show high signal levels and cold colours such as black or blue are used for the low signal levels.

Start and stop frequencies being analysed are shown on the screen together with the time span and the time elapsed since the spectrogram was started.

This type of graphical representation is possible thanks to the tremendous processing capacity of the field strength meter model TV EXPLORER II+.

There is also a marker that can be moved through out the screen to show where and when the events are taking place.

Measurements are made on a continuous basis and displayed on the screen for a period of time. However, all data remains in the memory of the meter so that it can transfered to a PC and analysed at a later stage. If there is a temporary signal interruption or an unwanted transmission disturbing the proper reception of the desired channel it can be easily seen if we look at the spectrogram display.

The Spectrogram function can be used in all sorts of applications with signals within the frequency range of the TV EXPLORER II+ field strength meters. Spectrogram is another “PROMAX first”.

Quota :

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