Playing back hours of video

3 Dicembre 2007.

TG-140 transport stream recorder & player can be used for multiple applications going from test rigs for digital TV set top boxes to video/audio play out systems for hotels or cruise ships.

It is in the latter application where we’d like to focus now. Normally one will think of using the TG-140 to store a large variety of test transport streams of all types, special video footage to test the quality of STB MPEG-2 decoders, portions of transport stream with encrypted programs to test de-encryption algorithms or with MHEG to test interactive receiver software.

However it is also possible to store video programs with the only aim to play them back. Just as an example the TG-140 can store up to 10 normal duration films in entertainment quality. These films can be played out continuously and form a nice and flexible source for a Hotel payTV system.

Transport stream signal recorder and player model TG-140

If we use a setup as described in the picture with a TG-140 connected to the ASI inputs of two MO-180s DVB-T modulators, we have a simple system that offers 5 films on each COFDM multiplex. These two MO-180s can share a single ASI source thanks to its PID selection function. This means that the TG-140 can play one single transport stream with the 10 video programs and each MO-180 can look only at the 5 video programs intended for him. In this way we can optimise the recording capacity of TG-140.

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