PROMAX TV Explorer II+ awarded new European Patent

1 Maggio 2007.

The European Patent Office has granted Invention Patent number 1480470 to PROMAX ELECTRONICA SA for the use of a Common Interface in measuring instruments.

By using the Common Interface, the user can plug in any Conditional Access Module - CAM and with the help of a matching subscription card, also called Smart Card, he can view encrypted programs. This is a common function for most of television receivers in Europe.

The TV EXPLORER II+ field strength meter which has been designed for the installation, maintenance and surveillance of broadcast, satellite and cable TV systems incorporates such an Interface.

It provides complete information about the channels available in a network and their quality. This includes: Measurements, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal decoding.

It includes a Common Interface slot and with the support of the adequate CAM and subscription card it can decode free to air and encrypted SD MPEG-2 and show them on the screen.

The TV EXPLORER II+ field strength meter is an indispensable instrument for companies operating in the field of broadcast and distribution of television and services.

Field strength meter with CAM slot

Quota :

PROMAX è un produttore leader di sistemi di test e misura, impianti di distribuzione di segnale broadcast e TV. Le nostre linee di prodotto includono strumenti di misura per TV via cavo, TV satellitare, reti ottiche broadcast, wireless e fibra, gli analizzatori di FTTH e GPON. Modulatori DVB-T, stelle filanti IP o IP convertitori (ASI, DVB-T) sono tra i più recenti sviluppi della società.