Antenna installation

3 Settembre 2007.

Antenna installation: DiSEqCTM & SaTCR commands

The TV EXPLORER has been designed to make compatible different types of measurements that require of very different working configurations.

A specific function has been developed to easy antenna alignment.

In this mode, the instrument configures itself to offer a very fast sweep time in spectrum analyser mode. At same time, it shows a high sensitivity graphic bar that allows the fine adjustment of signal peaks, necessary to optimise antenna alignment.

Field strength meter with antenna alignment function
Antenna alignment screen

Supply voltage

The TV EXPLORER incorporates the supply voltage for amplifiers and LNBs, including the 5 V for DVB-T indoor antennas.


DiSEqCTM is an open communications protocol created by Eutelsat. It consists of control commands overlapping the supply voltage that are recognised by receivers and other devices. They are used to switch polarities, bands, move motors, etc.

Field strength meter with DiSEqC
Some of the DiSEqCTM commands available

SaTCR commands

The TV EXPLORER includes SaTCR commands as well.

Field strength meter with SaTCR commands
Some of the SaTCR commands available
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