2 Settembre 2002.

Wireless communication measurements It is a growing number of services using the ISM band (Industrial Scientific and Medical) with frequency range from 2,4 GHz to 2,5 GHz. Wireless access to Local Area Network, wireless internet services for business customers or connexion between instruments (Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11b) are some examples.

For signal testing of signals from these this type of services we can now offer the CV-245 downconverter. It allows to test signals in the ISM band with the PROLINK-4 Premium spectrum analysers.

Given the increasing number of services in this band, the PROLINK-4 Premium for this application becomes very interesting both as an antenna alignment tool and a solution to detect interferences causing disturbances in wireless LAN systems.

All those services use complex modulation schemes and make efficient use of the frequency spectrum to handle communications via a transmitting and receiving antenna.

The PROLINK-4 Premium offers selectable measuring bandwidth and “Maximum Hold” functions which are basic to be able to measure those types of signals.

PROLINK-4 adcquisition mode

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