The perfect combination for the test of SMATV systems

3 Luglio 2006.

The IF TEST or also called ATTENUATION TEST function allows to evaluate a building's IRS/SMATV cabling system before the antennas and head-end equipment are operative. For this application PROMAX has specially designed RP-050 and RP-080 signal generators.

TV EXPLORER field strength meter and RP-080 signal generator

RP-080 signal generator

The RP-080 is handy, versatile and easy to use. With its compact dimensions (77 x 85 x 28 mm) and insignificant weight of only 150 g, this signal generator easily fits in our toolbox or even in our pocket.

The RP-080 needs to be used together with PROMAX field strength meters with satellite and terrestrial band coverage such as PRODIG-5 Universal TV Explorer, PROLINK-4/4C Premium, PROLINK-3/3C Premium or MC- 577.

From the technical point of view this small device includes many useful features. It generates four pilot carriers, two in the terrestrial band (85 MHz and 750 MHz) and two in the satellite IF band (1000 MHz and 2150 MHz). The frequency accuracy of the pilot signals is as high as ± 50 kHz at levels ranging from 75 to 100 dBµV (selectable in 1 dB steps).

The signal generator is equipped with 4 signal level indicators based on red coloured LED columns showing the output level of each carrier. Output level of each carrier can be adjusted individually via 4 selection buttons. Three LEDs give information about the supply voltage (13 or 18V) and the presence of 22 kHz switching signal.

Quota :

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