RM-204 PKWatch: Monitoring and alarm software

2 Settembre 2002.

The PKWatch is a PC computer program based on Windows 98/2000/XP that permits to use the PROLINK-4 Premium as a monitoring instrument for television and radio systems.

RM-204 PKWatch: Monitoring and alarm software

The software allows to select, via an easy and intuitive menu, the parameters to measure in each channel. The possible parameters to measure are:

  • Signal level
  • Channel Power
  • Video/Audio
  • Carrier/Noise
  • BER for QPSK, QAM and COFDM

The program allows to establish certain limits where a PASS/FAIL message is associated. If values fall outside the limits, the program will then generate an alarm. The program creates two registers, one that includes all the measurements taken and the other which includes only those measurements that have generated an alarm, being the Hard Drive size the only limitation. Both registers can be saved onto a file for later inspection.

RM-204 PKWatch: Monitoring and alarm software

The PKWatch allows to visualise at any time the response in time of any channel in a simple and rapid manner.

The PKWatch may be of use for those application where it is necessary to know the signal condition at all times and where the datalogger included in the instrument is not sufficient. This may be the case for transmission towers, transmission and reception satellite systems and cable Headends.

One possible application is the control of a transmission, reception or distribution tower where, when an error is detected in any of the parameters, the system will send an SMS message to whoever it is programmed to do. To use this function, the system needs a GSM modem configured on the computer. PROMAX can offer a complete and customised solution with the RM-304.

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