1 Marzo 2006.
TV Explorer bag

The EXPLORER is fitted with Lithium batteries. These batteries provides a maximum operating time, with an estimated duration of more than 4 ½ hours for the EXPLORER.

When PROMAX started to supply this type of batteries some years ago, they were made available as an option given the extremely high cost they had.

It is now proven that the advantage of using such batteries is not matched by any other technology. Not only they are smaller and lighter for the same capacity but also they can be recharged at any time.

Another advantage from this type of batteries is that they have an exponential charging cycle and a good portion of the battery can be recharged in very short time. From one job to another the instrument can be charged from the car lighter.

TV Explorer battery charge counterBattery time charge indicator (TV Explorer battery charge indicator) is displayed at any time in the top left corner.

Quota :

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