PROMAX-10, QAM analyzer

2 Maggio 2002.
PROMAX-10, QAM analyzer

PROMAX-10 is a multi purpose CATV Analyzer ideal for all size MSO's and contractors as a service and installation tool. The most outstanding feature of this unique meter is the capability to measure MER and BER on QAM digital channels but it is not missing any of the measurements a meter of its class must have.

As a signal level meter it can be tuned by frequency or by channel. Various channel tables are available on board and they are all customer definable. Operating via a customized channel table can offer various advantages such us:

  • Automatic selection of analog or digital measurement mode.
  • Faster tuning via rotating tuning knob.
  • No need to type in channel number or frequencies.
  • Combined multi-measure display (video, video/audio, carrier/noise).

Integrated channel power, carrier/noise, Bit Error Rate (BER) and Marginal Error Ratio (MER) can be measured on digital channels just by the hit of a button. It has been widely demonstrated that digital measurements such as MER are essential to determine the quality of QAM signals so it is a must to have them available in your test gear.

SCAN or TILT functions are time saving specially when working on forward or return path alignment, troubleshooting or testing. SCAN offers a one shot overview of the signal levels of all the channels with different zoom options. The TILT display shows signal levels of a predefined number of test frequencies, often called pilots, and calculates the slope between two of them.

A spectrum analyzer gives a lot of information. It can be helpful to locate noise or interference sources or identify various signal problems. With the massive deployment of cable modems and the increasing number of return path related problems PROMAX-10 spectrum analyzer can show you things you have in your 5-100 MHz range that you wouldn't expect.

The meter can automatically perform measurements and store them in the internal memory to print them out or to further elaborate the data later on a PC computer.

PROMAX-10 is not a leakage meter although many owners find it helpful to check leakage. The frequencies used for leakage detection purposes in a specific cable system can be manually tuned or can be previously stored as part of the reference channel list just like the other visual carrier frequencies of analog channels or center frequencies of digital channels.

It can be operated from its internal rechargeable batteries or from an external DC source. When connected to a wall power adapter or a car lighter adapter, both included as standard, the meter can be used and batteries charged. This flexibility allows for instance to charge the meter in the truck while driving from one job to another.

Quota :

PROMAX è un produttore leader di sistemi di test e misura, impianti di distribuzione di segnale broadcast e TV. Le nostre linee di prodotto includono strumenti di misura per TV via cavo, TV satellitare, reti ottiche broadcast, wireless e fibra, gli analizzatori di FTTH e GPON. Modulatori DVB-T, stelle filanti IP o IP convertitori (ASI, DVB-T) sono tra i più recenti sviluppi della società.