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Corporate information: Research & DevelopmentPROMAX was founded in 1963 by Jose Clotet in Barcelona. The company's firsts developments included instruments to generate television and radio signals and analysers to check the reception quality. Today, PROMAX is a leading company in providing test and measurement solutions worldwide to support the information technology revolution. The company invests about 15% of its annual turnover in Research & Development.


Corporate information: ProductsOur products include a wide range of telecommunications test instruments to provide testing solutions for cable, satellite and digital terrestrial television. In this website we have included a new range of fibre optics test equipment which proves our continuous research for new business opportunities.


Corporate information: ManufacturingPROMAX manufactures more than 200 different products in our Barcelona manufacturing facilities. The use of the latest technological resources allows a high efficiency rate.


Corporate information: ExpansionThe products are distributed worldwide through a mixed of direct and indirect sales network. PROMAX has already set up 18 Calibration Centers and several Service Centers worldwide. Our target is to continue this process to deliver technical support at same time we make the product available to our customers.

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