Entdecken Sie die versteckten Metadaten im Fernsehsignal mit dem TS Analyser, einem kostenlosen Tool von PROMAX

16. November 2016.

TS Analyser is a free PC software that you can download from the PROMAX website and that it can carry out a depth analysis of the information of any digital television broadcast Transport Stream. It allows the processing of the tables and specific descriptors of DVB, ISDB-T/ARIB and ATSC.

TS Analyser was developed as a response to the engineers who need a powerful tool to analyse the content of TS and T2-MI (DVB-T2 signals). It is a valuable tool for any professional working with digital television signals, encoders, modulators, digital headends...

... or even for amateurs who want to find out what's hidden behind the TV signal that reaches their homes!

Download TS Analyser

What a Transport Stream analyser is for?

Many of the teams involved in the signal broadcasting use the metadata information that is transferred along with audio and video packaged in the Transport Stream. From the modulators in the headends to the TV receivers in homes.

Television headends

This equipment is very sensitive to the different parameters and tables contained in the Transport Stream. A wrong parameter can make a TV to do not display a service, to set it in a wrong position or to do not be capable of decoding the audio. The way to check the parameters contained in the signal is analysing its Transport Stream.

As TS Analyser benefits from the algorithms of Transport Stream analysis used by the field strength meters RANGERNeo 2 and RANGER Neo 3, we can have access to many more details about the signal captured in addition that those we would see in the field meter itself.

Free transport stream analyser
Analysis of a Transport Stream performed with TS Analyser. The URL of the HBBTV web page that the TV would open by pressing the red button of the remote control is marked in yellow.

How do I get a Transport Stream file?

A high-tech field strength meter such as a RANGERNeo 2 or an RANGERNeo 3 from PROMAX can capture a Transport Stream and copy it to the PC.

If it is compatible, it can also be used a TS file recorded with a set-top-box or a TV set. However in most cases the televisions and the set-top-boxes discard several tables of the Transport Stream resulting in a file with very little information.

It can also be used a TS file obtained with TS Creator, another free utility from PROMAX generated files to be played on the EN-206 digital modulator.

Transport stream analyser in a field strength meter
Example of the Transport Stream analyser embedded in the RANGERNeo 2 and RANGERNeo 3 TV analysers. The same information that we were reading using the TS Analyser software is marked in yellow.
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