Optische Option

1. Juni 2012.

This optical module expansion includes two separate functions: The selective optical power meter and the selective optical to RF converter.

Field strength meter model RANGER Neo +: Optical fiber option

The evolution of the telecommunications market, more and more demanding in quality standards, speed, services and so on and also economical and competitiveness factors has changed the trend in telecommunications installations, and increasingly, fibre-optics is being imposed on traditional ADSL twisted-pair copper lines.

For this reason and in anticipation of an increase of fibre-optics installations, this option has been developed. It is applicable to the RANGERNeo + field strength meters and allows adapting them in order to work with fibre-optics networks.

The selective meter option allows measurements on optical fibre networks, which are necessary to certify an installation according to the parameters set by local policies.

The optical to RF selective converter has a photosensor for each wavelength, which obtains the RF signal carried by each one. With this module, user can measure terrestrial or cable (up to 1 GHz) networks or optical LNB for satellite antennas (up to 5.45 GHz), so that the installer does not need any additional equipment to measure this type of installations.

This expansion module is available for RANGERNeo + units (both for new equipment or to upgrade equipments owned).

  • Selective optical power meter
    Optical measure bands: 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm.
  • Optical to RF converter
    Optical cable and DTT links: From 65 to 1000 MHz.
    Optical IF-Satellite installations: From 950 to 5450 MHz (universal optical LNB).
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