2. Oktober 2006.

4 CH & 2 CH selection

4-channel models have joined the product lineup in addition to the traditional 2-channel models, doubling the spot range. All vertical scales of each channel carry a full bandwidth among the selection of 200MHz and 100MHz, depending on the model. The flexible solution of channel and bandwidth combination extends the OD-590 digital oscilloscopes series application range into various market sectors. The 4 channel applications for the tests of switching power supply, automotive and test of electrical motors are typical examples.

On-Line Help & Multi-language

To provide a friendly operation environment, OD-590 digital oscolloscopes series Offers On-Line Help through the on-screen manual. Press "Help" button to get into the On-Line Help mode, then press any other button to get its instructions on the screen. OD-590 Series screen menu and the On-Line Help Manual can be switched among the selections of multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese etc. This gives a localized help to the users and offers an easy environment for multicultural joint-projects.

TFT color LCD display

In order to guarantee a crisp and clear view in any situation, OD-590 Series adopts a TFT Color LCD display. With faster frame update rate compared to STN type of display, TFT panel reduces the flicker and gives a smooth signal view. In addition, the 45 degrees wide view angle of TFT LCD facilitates the team work and group discussion in front of the DSO screen. The bright and colorful display is extremely necessary when dealing with signal analysis and comparison of multiple waveforms shown on the screen at the same time . The TFT Color LCD display of OD-590 Series makes the 4 Channel inputs more meaningful.

27 automatic measurements

Automatic measurements in PROMAX digital oscilloscopes

The automatic waveform measurement feature includes 27 frequently used measurement items in three groups: Voltage, Time (Frequency), and Delay. 10 measurement results maximum with their continuous updates can be shown on the screen menu area simultaneously. A snapshot of all time & voltage related Auto Measurement readings of a designated input signal can be displayed on the screen as a very effective way to get a real-time and overall monitoring on the characteristics of a signal.

1 GS/s real-time & 25 GS/s equivalent-time sampling

1 GS/S sampling rate of PROMAX digital oscilloscopes

1 GS/s Real-Time Sampling allows you to deal with high frequency waveform capture in an accurate way. A higher sampling rate help acquire more waveform data in a short period of time. It is especially useful for the single-shot waveform capture and observation, as the more the waveform data can be acquired the better the waveform reconstruction can be done for a non-repetitive signal. When it comes to the repetitive waveform capture, the Equivalent-Time Sampling, however, becomes a better tool than Real-Time Sampling. By acquiring data from repetitive waveform cycles, the ET Sampling Technology accurately reconstructs the waveform at the resolution of only 40ps. OD-590 Series performs 25 GS/s sampling rate for the repetitive waveform acquisition and reconstruction besides its Real-Time Sampling capability at 1 GS/s rate.

25,000 points of waveform memory

Storage of PROMAX digital oscilloscopes

Longer memory helps the waveform acquisition system get more data in a certain period of time. The 25k memory length of OD-590 digital oscilloscopes series lets users view more signal details on the screen. The above left figure shows a serial digital signal transferred in a system. When using a short memory of 500 points, the DSO displays only a very rough and distorted waveform for this signal due to the inadequate details being captured (aboce center figure). When using 25k point memory, OD-590 Series captures and rebuilds the signal waveform in an accurate way (above right figure).

Battery power operation

PROMAX digital oscilloscopes battery operation

The battery power operation feature (optional) extends OD-590 digital oscilloscopes series market coverage to the field application areas where AC power is not available. After full charge, the two light-weight battery packs keep OD-590 Series running under normal operation for over 3 hours. The built-in battery charger automatically recharges the battery packs whenever the AC power is connected to the oscilloscope.

Data storage & transfer and USB printing support

PROMAX digital oscilloscopes USB port

20 sets of waveform data, 20 sets of panel setup and 4 sets of reference waveform data can be saved into OD-590 digital oscilloscopes series internal memory for later recall and display. All the waveform data, panel setup and the screen image can be saved into or recalled from a popular Flash Drive via USB Host Port.

With a PC software package offered by PROMAX Electronica, the OD-590 Series waveform data, screen image and the screen record over a period of time can be transferred to the PC for further utilization. OD-590 Series offers the USB direct printing support. The color printout of screen image with grayscale can be done via USB connection to a color printer directly.

Go/NoGo testing

Go/NoGo test of PROMAX digital oscilloscopes

Go/NoGo testing function checks whether the incoming signal violates the user-defined template. Setting the template is simply a two-step process. Pick up the reference waveform from input signal or waveform file and configure the violation tolerance in reference to the waveform, the Go/NoGo testing is ready to go. OD-590 digital oscilloscopes series compares the input signal with template in real time and shows the test result on the screen.
Both the type of violation and the DSO reaction toward violation can be selected to meet the requirements of various applications. The violation is indicated either giving a buzzer sound or sending a control signal to the external device via a BNC terminal on the rear of the DSO.

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PROMAX ist ein führendes Unternehmen mit Schwerpunkt auf Mess- und Prüfsystemen und Technik für die Ausstrahlung und Verteilung von TV-Signalen. Die Produktpalette umfasst Messgeräte für die Installation und Wartung von Kabel-, Satelliten- und terrestrischen TV-Anlagen sowie Neuentwicklungen im Bereich optischer und wireless-Netzwerke, FTTH- und GPON-Analyser, DVB-T Modulatoren und IP-Streamer bzw. Konverter (ASI, DVB-T).