[CT-193] Current clamp (600V, 700A) with tester

Current clamp including voltage measurement (600 V), current measurement (700 A), impedance measurement, frequency measurement, continuity and diode test.

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The CT-193 current clamp features voltage, current and resistance measurement and includes continuity acoustic indication, diode test as well as frequency measurement.

Three buttons enable to select functions such as data HOLD, MAX value and zeroing for DC currents measurement (DCA ZERO).

The meter is supplied by a 9 V battery. Its design and double isolation make the CT-193 a safe, rugged instrument.

  • Measurements: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Impedace, Continuity, Diode test
  • Voltage measurement: 600 V (DC),  200/600 V (AC)
  • Current measurement: 200/700 A (DC and AC)
  • Frequency measurement: 2 kHz, 20 kHz
  • Impedance measurement: 2 kΩ, 200 kΩ
  • Continuity measurement: Acoustic indication for measurements <30Ω in the 2kΩ scale
  • Diode test: 1 mA ±0.6 mA current test
  • Display: 3½ LCD screen, with a maximum reading of 1999
  • Measurement rate: 2.5 measurements per second
  • Display functions: HOLD and MAX HOLD
  • Polarity: Automatic, with negative polarity indication
  • Overvoltage protection: For all measurements
  • Overvoltage: On screen indication
  • Zeroing: automatic
  • Low battery indication: On-screen indication
  • Power supply: 9 V IEC 6F22 battery.
  • Battery operation time: 200 h typ.
  • Dimensions: 250 (Width) x 100 (Height) x 46 mm. (Depth) mm


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