MZ-505C: Dual display L/C/R meter

MZ-505C: Dual display L/C/R meter

Very versatile component meter that measures resistors, capacitors and inductors values. RS-232 to PC connection.

The L/C/R MZ-505C handheld meter displays values up to 19,999 counts using 41/2 digits and it is controlled by a special microprocessor, which measures inductance, capacitance and resistance. It is easy to use and it allows measuring in parallel and serial mode. It takes direct and accurate measures of coils, capacitors and resistors at different frequencies. It allows selecting measure ranges in manual or automatic way.

Results of measures are displayed in a (dual) backlit screen and they can be transferred to a PC by means of an opto-coupled standard RS-232 interface. A tilted support makes easy to view and work with it. A rubber holster, made to protect the instrument from unexpected shocks, covers the MZ-505C giving it mechanical protection. To operate its required a 9 V battery and also it can work with a 12 V power adaptor.

  • LS + (Q,D,RS), LP + (Q,D,RP)
  • CS + (Q,D,RS), CP+ (Q,D,RP)
IMPEDANCE From 1 mΩ to 10 MHΩ
  • 120 Hz: From 1 µH to 10000 H
  • 1 kHz: From 0,1 µH to 1000 H
  • 120 Hz: From 1 pF to 10 mF
  • 1 kHz: From 0,1 pF to 1000 µF
  • Auto and manual range mode
  • Two test frequencies
  • Variable tolerance (from 1% to 20%)
  • MAX/MIN hold, average, relative measurement
  • PC connection (included software)

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